Woodworking has been my hobby for years and I have decided to sell my woodworking pieces.  It is not my intention to make money for myself but rather to provide assistance to a charity.
My current charity is Mommy Sue’s Children,
a charity focused on helping a school for the children in Haiti.


craft woodworking

When pricing my pieces, I have included all domestic shipping costs, the cost of the wood, finishing supplies, shop costs of electricity, tool sharpening and replacement as well as the charitable donation.  My current expectation is that a third of the cost of each item purchased will be donated to a chosen charity.


In working both domestic and exotic woods I have made certain as far as I am able that they are sustainably sourced. All finishes I use are food safe, many of the items being finished with oils which can easily be renewed with a new application of an oil such as mineral, linseed or walnut. Special care instructions are included with each purchase. 


I invite you to look through the gallery of various pieces and perhaps read about the woods of which they are made.  I have also included a section of quotations which I have found interesting and often inspirational in the hope you might also enjoy them.




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